Sunday, April 27, 2008

Another BIG day!

Yesterday was another big day in our family. We celebrated Tyler's 1st birthday with lots of family and friends!

Thank you to everyone who came! It was a great day!

Friday, April 25, 2008

A Mammoth Post

Okay, so this is probably going to be picture overload but I weeded out WAY more than I'm posting! We had a fabulous day! All of Marlie's birthday day plans ran just as smooth as can be! The day started off with helping daddy make her favorite homemade blueberry waffles!

Then we all got dolled up to go shopping but first we had to open some presents from Grampa and Grammy! She got the Barbie that she wanted SO bad but thought was WAY too expensive to really ask for. With a little bug in the ear from Mommy, leave it to Grammy to find that Barbie much cheaper! She also got a framed picture of her namesake, Marlene, MY Grandma who passed away LONG before Marlie was born! She LOVED that. But the BEST gift to her was getting my Grandma Marlene's wedding ring. She wore it proudly ALL day and just couldn't quit saying how much she appreciated it!

Then it was off to Target to buy some accessories for her room! She found the perfect lamp! It's amazing what kids will get excited about sometimes. A lamp?

Off to the zoo!

You GO Mom! I was getting so frustrated with all of the evolution junk! Finally we just decided to have fun with it!

Hannah and I walking like penguins to the penguin exhibit. Fun, fun, fun!

Time for some dinner at the Cheesecake Factory! The girls had so much fun riding up and down the escalator. We're not from around here! ha ha!

Did I mention that the girls all got to have cheesecake, and ONLY cheesecake, for supper? What a fun day! Now I'm off to bed to rest up for another BIG birthday celebration tomorrow!

Happy birthday Marlie. I sure do love you lots!

Proclaim it girl!

I found this written on a tiny chalkboard the other day. Marlie left it out for all to see! Granted, it was just us. For now! I hope she will always be so bold!

Some pictures after the grans' arrival!

Marlie and Dani once Hannah finally left Grammy's lap yesterday! :)

Tyler enjoying some tickles!

Dani being a silly pants! What a goofball!

They're here, they're here!

Finally I can let the cat out of the bag! My parents flew in from SC yesterday to be here for Marlie's big fun day today and Tyler's first birthday party tomorrow! It was so precious to see all of the kids' reactions to the big surprise. Marlie and Hannah were playing in the backyard and heard daddy's truck pull up, so Marlie went out to greet him as usual. She got about 10 feet from the truck, let out a scream and then came running into the house yelling "Grammy and Grampa are here!". Hannah, her usual quite self, was just grinning from ear to ear and wouldn't leave her Grammy's side for a couple of hours! Dani was napping when they got here so my mom went in and sat of her bed and slowly woke her up. I didn't know what to expect with that one! But, she just slowly opened her eyes and smiled! Tyler? He just took a little while to warm up and then he was laughing and playing as if they live here!

So, that was the BIG surprise. Now I'm off to get ready for Marlie's big day of fun she planned! First we're off (all the girls) to go lamp, nightstand, dresser shopping. Marlie is getting her OWN room for her birthday from us at the beginning of the summer. So, being the little decorator that she is, we need to accessorize! Then we will drop Tyler off at the neighbor's and head off to the Denver Zoo followed by dinner at The Cheesecake Factory! Cheesecake is Marlie's fave!

I'll try to take lots of pictures and short videos of the day! It's gonna be action packed!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I just saw this performed live on the Dove Awards! Amazing!

I am so thankful for those times I've cried out and He's shown me the depth of His love for me! Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!! To Him be all glory!

My little DaVinci!

I just couldn't resist sharing Dani's artwork from this morning. Check out those eyelashes. I'm sure she was using her mother's as inspiration! ha ha - I wish! Kids are so awesome! Off to put it in her art frame in our hallway!

Featuring Marlie!

I've felt kinda bad because the big girls aren't mentioned a whole lot on my blog, especially Marlie. She's going to be eight on Friday! Holy cow! She is a sweet girl and a very big help to her mommy!

She and her daddy made a lapdesk at the beginning of the school year. It's kinda big and cumbersome but yesterday she figured out that it works quite well with one of our chairs. It's even like a "real desk"! Here she is doing her schoolwork so diligently!

And Hannah, done with her work but waiting patiently to play!

Happy Birthday Tyler!

Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday Dear Tyler!
Happy Birthday to You!

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Update on T-Mo!

Just wanted to give an update on Tyler. I took him to the doctor yesterday. He was very good to listen to every detail of what we've been going through over the past couple of months before he told me he really doesn't feel like Tyler has a lactose intolerance or milk allergy. That was good news! I sure hope he's right. Tyler's ears were a little red and dull, definitely not normal but not terrible either. The doctor thinks that maybe we've been "under treating" his ears. I'm guessing Tyler has been on the mend each time I've taken him to see the doctor and so his ears were too. One thing I love about our pediatrician is that he is not quick to give antibiotics. So, we are thinking it's been his ears making him throw up all this time. Poor little guy must have a weak tummy! Anyway, he gave me a prescription for an antibiotic and told me I could fill it if I felt Tyler needed it! I ran right to the local drug store and filled that puppy! :) Normally I would've just waited to see what happened but we have a BIG weekend ahead with a BIG surprise for the kids (I'll have to post on that later as I now have two children who can read!).

Friday will be a fun day! It is Marlie's 8th birthday and we are taking the day off of school and filling the day with fun things that she wants to do! Then Saturday, we are celebrating Tyler's first birthday! He's going to be one TOMORROW! My baby's not going to be a baby much longer. Anyway, I'll post details and pics soon!

Take care!

Oh, I almost forgot. My son has gained over 3 pounds in two months. For those of you who know him, he is a lean and lanky little one! This is such good news. You'd never know it by looking at him but he's apparently putting some meat on his little bones! Yay!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Ever have those days when you feel like you are in a game of "Mercy" with God? That would describe my weekend! Herein is the saga that has been my life:

First, Tyler has still been sick. Nasty runny nose, terrible cough, and fever. Poor little guy. But, oh, the lovin's I've been getting! Melts my heart! Last night he was up at 11:30 with a fever of 102+. I gave him some Tylenol but by midnight it was up to 103.2. So, I brought him to bed with me so I could keep a better eye on his fever. Well, by 1:00 neither of us was sleeping so I put him back in his bed. He finally went to sleep around 1:30 and the night was good from there. There is good news or sorts, though. We took him off of formula on Friday and he'd not been sick since. I thought I would try again tonight, and sure enough, he got sick again. Now, we are wondering if he's not lactose intolerant or have a milk allergy. We've switched to a lactose free formula. Time will tell!

This is my little guy in the tub last night. Doesn't he just look pitiful. Like Dani reminds me: "Poor, poor, pitiful Tyler!". Oh, and guess who discovered his privates the night before last in the tub! Yep! Oh joy! Notice the owie on his head? Hannah thought she would pick him up (a direct defiance of the rules) and sure enough, she "dropped" him from on her lap on the couch and he hit his head on the coffee table! Sheesh, the kid's taking a beating!

He was so down last night that he just laid on the floor and watched a Baby Einstein video with his sisters. He NEVER sits still for a movie!

And the saga continues! The girls were all at the neighbors' house this afternoon playing in their backyard. Next thing we know, we get a phone call that Dani got a fat lip. Well, she was walking in front of the swing while Marlie was swinging and got zuked! Some kids just have to learn the hard way I guess! Poor punkin'! Marlie felt horrible, especially when she returned home and Dani says in a sweet voice: "Why did you do that Marlie?"

I guess Hannah was pretty frantic at first. She even asked Ivan, the neighbor, in a panic, if Dani was going to have to have surgery! I think I watch too many real-life ER shows! Anyway, Hannah confessed to me later that she was so worried because... "I was afraid Dani was going to die and I really do love her A LOT!" How precious is that?!

And what was my son doing in the midst of the crying and chaos?

Here's Dani drinking a yogurt smoothie that her daddy made for her! Oh, I forgot to mention that one of the teeth NEXT to her front tooth was knocked loose! That was scary. But, luckily our dentist is also a friend and neighbor across the street. He came over and took a look and said she will likely be fine but she has to eat soft foods for awhile!

Dani's drama as only she can tell it!

So, Dani and I went on an emergency run to Wal-Mart tonight, my favorite place (NOT!), to get lactose free formula, Pedialyte, children's and infant's Tylenol AND Motrin etc.... I have to admit, I had a GREAT time with my little girl! We are NEVER by ourselves! Too bad it takes a major trauma! I just love her to pieces, fat lip and all! Oh, and by the way, by the end of the night her lip and tooth were both much better!

I'm a little hesitant to see what tomorrow will bring! It's bound to get better from here right?! Thank goodness Keven was able to come home today! God knew I would be a mess all by myself! Once again, His provision in never-ending!

Friday, April 18, 2008

What a day!

Well, today has been one of those days! My poor little man is sick with a pukey something for the third time in a couple of months. He's been sick for about a week with a head/chest cold but it's developed into the upchucking today! Poor guy! I am trying really hard to be patient but just once would appreciate this happening when Keven is HOME! Arg! I guess if he's not considerably better by Monday I'll call the pediatrician and we'll have to make sure there's not something more serious than a virus going on! Pray for us if you think about it! Just seems like he's been awfully sick in such a short span of time! I'll keep you posted!

Here he is yesterday morning. He's quite proud of himself can ya tell? What is it with little boys and their mamas? I thought this was kinda cute! With the girls I would've been all over it! Maybe it's because he's the baby. Or... maybe it's because I've relaxed a smidge and realize the world is not going to fall off of it's axis if he pulls a little toilet paper off the roll. He's going to be ornery!

And here's a video of him and Hannah (and Dani too). Hannah was feeding Tyler his supper while I finished up our supper. Isn't she sweet? He's always such a terrible mess afterward ,but it's worth the help! Anyway, for some reason this was just cracking him up. So fun!

Well, I'm off! After a day like today, I'm going to go dish me up some Breyer's vanilla ice cream and top it with some Hershey's dark chocolate syrup! Mmmmmm....

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Picture Day!

Yesterday was a big day for Tyler! It's a tradition here to have our babies' pictures taken at one year. Tyler's birthday is on the 23rd so we went yesterday to get pictures! He was quite the little trooper even though he's been sick. A BIG morning nap helped a lot!

Before I forget, I would highly recommend Portrait Innovations if there is one in your area! They did a fantastic job, were very reasonably priced, and ALL 30+ sheets of pictures were ready in about 30 minutes! Yes, I went a little overboard. Anyone want a picture? I have plenty! hee hee! I've included some of our faves. This is not all of them by any means but you get the idea!

This is one of Keven's favorites because Tyler looks like he's going potty on the blocks, or getting ready to. I think Daddy can't wait 'til his little boy can potty in/on the bushes! The only problem is, we are in a subdivision with neighbors all around. Can't blame him really, it is his one and only boy after all. Must be a male-bonding thing! Doesn't he look SUPER ornery!?

Big Boy!
How long will I just LEAN against this block?...

Not very long! ;)
My personal fave. He just looks happy through and through to me! Love my boy!

I think it was shortly after this picture that Tyler fell off of this block. Didn't even phase him!

Isn't he a cutey!?

Monday, April 14, 2008

What a fun day!

First, let me say, today was absolutely B-U-T-ful in our part of Colorado! I wish the weather would stay like this year round.

Anyway, we had a really fun day in school today. We are currently rowing "Truman's Aunt Farm". For those of you who don't know what rowing is, it's reading a children's book for five days in a row and studying different aspects of the book based on social studies, language arts, art, science and applied math. This book has been a long time coming. Last year we started our first day of rowing it and I was at the computer printing off some ant stuff when I stood up and my water broke. Four hours later, little Tyler entered this big ole world. So, we've been very patient in waiting to do this book. Now if our live ants would just hurry and come in the mail so we can put them in our ant farm!

This is really turning out to be a cute book! Part of our study later in the week will be on ants. But today we made an anthill cake! It's basically just a cake (a butter cake was our choice) topped with frosting (milk chocolate was our decision on this one!) shaped into an anthill on one end. Then we topped the cake with crushed graham crackers to look like dirt or sand. We were "supposed" to put tiny plastic toy ants on the cake to make it look like ants trailing to and climbing into the anthill. Well, who can find tiny plastic toy ants? Not this mama! So we used some writing frosting and Daddy attempted to make some fire ants. He is the artist of the family so I'm sure this truly was as good as it would get! He called it the "alien ant farm"! Hope you enjoy the pictures of today's adventure!

Here are the girls in their aprons, ready to bake!

Now the work begins!

What mother lets her kids lick the batter off of the beaters and rubber spatula? This one does! I know, I know... it has raw eggs. I ate tons of batters/dough with raw eggs when I was a kid and I'm fine. Okay, maybe not tons but... that's the fun of helping, isn't it?

Marlie put the "dirt/sand" on our cake! Notice we have changed into dress-up clothes since the baking and cooling of the cake. Life doesn't stand still for the cooling process for heaven's sake. In fact, poor Hannah missed out on the decorating process altogether because she was in tap dance class!

The finished product with the "alien ant". Nice try honey!

Ready to enjoy the fruit of their labor! Now we are all in our jammies. And, yes, Tyler got to enjoy some of the anthill cake too! Just a precursor to his yummy birthday cake in a couple of weeks!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

He meets us where we are!

Well, I missed yet ANOTHER sermon this morning! ALL four of my kiddos are coughing. I decided other moms would probably appreciate it if we didn't spread our germs throughout! So, Keven went and will be home shortly. The kids and I just hung out together and listened to some music. I just LOVE music! Sometimes God speaks to me most clearly through the inspired words of others. We listened to Mercy Me and this song got me this morning. Hope you enjoy it!

Thank You Jesus for taking on human flesh and being our Emmanuel, God with us! Thank You for suffering unimaginable pain if even for just one! Praise You for wooing me and calling me out among the millions to share in Your Glory! May I never lose sight of the price You paid. Help me to live my life in the shadow of Your grace and with eternity in mind! You ARE my heart!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Inquiring minds want to know!

Okay, at least one inquiring mind does! My friend Jen posed two questions to me in the last couple of days. They are: "What is the most amazing thing God is doing in your life?" and "What is the best thing God has taught you lately?". Loaded questions huh? You'd have to know Jen, she's a thinker that's for sure! (You KNOW you are Jen!) ;)

Really I think my answer would be the same to both of these questions! The most amazing thing that God is doing is teaching me that I am who I am. You're probably thinking, "What?". What I mean is this: I am who and what He made me. Am I perfect? Absolutely not! Is He finished with me yet? Have I "arrived"? Goodness no! But, I am who I am right now and it's okay to be okay with that! I hope I'm making ANY sense to ANYone!

This has been a process. What hasn't?! I have finally realized that I do not have to be like anyone else. I think we as women, especially in the Christian community, really put pressure on ourselves and one another to fit some kind of mold. That mold looks different to everyone but it's one that we all dream up in our heads (or a bunch of us do anyway). Some of the molds might be: we MUST stay home with our children, we MUST home school our children, we MUST be at church every time the doors are open, we MUST listen exclusively to Christian music, we MUST have hot meals on the table three meals a day seven days a weeks, we MUST have a spic and span house.... or we aren't "good" Christian women. You get the point! I've made myself feel guilty over all of these things at some point in time! Craziness! None of us is good, not even one! That's Scriptural, I don't think any of the "MUST do's" that I've listed are. Someone please feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.

Here's my point. None of these things are bad. In fact, they are all admirable qualities to have and strive for. But, God may not have these things in mind for ALL of us! Some of our "duties" are very clearly laid out in Scripture. Yes, we should put our families and homes first. But, the way that plays out in everyone's lives may look different!

So... God is teaching me not to beat myself up for not being ALL and doing ALL! He's teaching me that I don't have to be like so and so. I am one woman doing the very best I can TODAY for my family! Isn't THAT what He asks of me? The point is, what is He asking of you (and me)? Not Mrs. Jones or Mrs. Smith, but you!

Some lessons come very hard! I'll have to post on that one at another time!

Giggle Pants!

My poor little boy has not been feeling well the last few days and woke up happy as can be this morning! What a treat for all of us. Daddy decided to have a quick tickle fest with him before nap time!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Something to ponder....

This very important question was posed to me the night before last by my friend and neighbor Tara:

"Did you know that snow globes don't bounce on wood floors?"!

Oh, I am just rolling thinking about it! She felt the need to inform me of what I am in for as the mother of a boy! She has two of them herself, ages 2 & 3!

Here is the culprit of the non-bouncing snow-globe! Trust me, he doesn't always have Oreo crumbs on his face. This was taken in Sept. while in our backyard during one of Marlie's neighborhood cookie parties!

Here's his little brother!

When I mentioned that I was going to put this on my blog, Tara said she had another one for me! Their oldest son comes walking down the hall with a container (I can't remember what KIND of container) of water. When asked where he got the water from, he nonchalantly responded, "From the toilet."! Oh the wonder of boys!

Did I mention that I just LOVE my neighbors? Oh yah, Tara and I have set up an arranged marriage between her 3 year old and Dani. Think it'll work? Ha ha!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The simple wisdom of my three year old!

This is a conversation I had with Danielle on March 13th.

Dani says to me as she is coming up the stairs from some heavy duty playing: "Did you hear my heart?"

Me: "No! What's it doing?" Thinking her chest hurts, or her heart is off beat... you know all those things that goes through a mother's head in a split second.

Dani: "Jesus is saying something!"

Me: "He is?! What's He saying?" Expecting something story like as is typical for Dani. She's going to be our creative writer I think.

Dani: "He's saying..." and whispers to me, "I LOVE you!"

Makes me wonder why it's so hard for me to get it sometimes. If my three year old gets it with such clarity, why can't I? Must be one of the many reasons Jesus says we are to be like children. We try to make so much out of things. It's quite simple. He loves us! PERIOD! Why do we (I) try to make it so complicated? I don't know about you but I find it hard to accept or believe in love without conditions. Maybe it's because Jesus is really the only one capable of truly loving that way. I don't know. I think that if I really understood the depth of His love, life would be so much easier. I will likely not "get it" completely on this side of heaven but I will work on it! How 'bout you!?

Sunday, April 6, 2008

I could watch this all day!

Don'tcha just LOVE it when you get little signs that your kids really do listen?

Hannah got a Bible from her Grampa and Grammy for her sixth birthday. It's become a tradition that they each will get their own, full text Bible at this time. Well, the girl is a great reader! So, she sits down after supper and is reading her Bible. You never know how much she'll be able to read or understand, but hey, let the Holy Spirit work! So she opens to John and is reading along. When she comes to 1:7 she says, "Mom, are they talking about John the Baptist?" I know it's so small, but that she was able to read that much of the text and then KNEW it was John the Baptist that it was talking about just made this mommy's heart proud!

I HAD to take a picture of my sweet little one reading her Bible. For those of you who don't already know, I try to have my camera handy to capture most anything.

And... this picture was taken before we went to church this morning. Precious! Tyler was napping. Halleluia! That's a blessing on a Sunday morning before church. Hate to hand over a cranky baby to the nursery workers! Bless 'em!

Where'd my baby go?

Yesterday was a big day for little Tyler. He had his very first, COMPLETE, big boy haircut. I say that because Keven has buzzed him a couple of times (not my fave) and one other time we attempted a haircut but weren't able to finish it! You know how it goes! My friend Kelly came over and cut his and Dani's hair. What a treat to have someone come to my house. Sure saves the hassle of loading up four kids and trying to keep three entertained while one gets their hair cut! It was a beautiful day so we just put Tyler in his highchair outside to avoid such a mess in the house. Poor Kelly had to really work and move around to get the job done but she did it! He was a trooper for the most part but by the end he was just out of fun tickets and we ended up having to hold him down a little. Hopefully he won't remember THAT part of the experience for the next time.

How cute is this?

The finished product. Notice the paci to keep grass, leaves, mulch and any other unmentionables from entering the mouth!

Dani was a good girl too! Boy did she need her bangs cut. She looked like a little ragamuffin whose mother doesn't take care of her. Poor thing! As you can see we had to move production indoors. Darn Colorado wind!

Well, now we're all ready for 1st year pictures at the end of the week! I can't believe my baby's a year old already. Where does the time go?