Friday, July 25, 2008

My sleepwalker!

First a little background. Hannah has been sleepwalking for a couple of years I would guess! At first it was scary because I didn't know what to think of it. She looks like she's awake and can communicate but is quite out of it. Now it's funny. I've noticed that she seems to do it most when she is tired. Most kids get grouchy. Not Hannah, she just sleepwalks. And, she only does it when she gets up in the night to potty. It's like she can't quite fully wake up. Anyway, sometimes she does some pretty silly things. One time, she tried to go in the storage room to go back to bed! That was FUNNY!

Well, last night I filmed her. I couldn't resist! I was vegging watching the boob tube and heard footsteps go upstairs. I immediately knew what was going on. If she is awake, she will just go potty in the bathroom downstairs which is just a few feet from her bedroom. So, I follow her with the camera. It's a little hard to hear so... After she went potty upstairs, she went into Marlie's room. Thinking it was her room, I guess. Then she crawled in bed with Marlie, who didn't budge. She must've been really tired too! Then she goes back downstairs (after some coaxing from me) to go to bed. She turned on the light (sometimes she'll do this and just go back to bed that way) which surprisingly didn't wake up Dani and got a stuffed animal which she NEVER sleeps with. Oh, it was funny. If you can, turn up your sound and listen carefully for what she says to me.

I hope you were able to get the gist of it. So funny! She watched the video this morning and cracked up. Doesn't remember a thing!

A fun couple of days!

I thought I would share some pics from the last few days. Wednesday nights, Keven goes to church with the big girls and the little ones and I stay home. So, I had to leave the table for some reason (probably to go potty) and came back to find Dani took over feeding her brother. Was pretty precious!

"Where you been Mom?"

Say "Awwwwwww...."

Yesterday we went to Fort Collins to a fun water park with my cousin Tracy and her kids. SO FUN! The only kid I didn't get a picture of was James. He we off doing his own thing much of the time so... Anyway, it was really, really fun! HOT but fun! Tyler didn't know what to think of the water for sure. Kylie was a different story. I could watch that girl in the water all day. So cute! After lunch we headed home and had a relaxed afternoon!

You can't tell it, but Elise is spinning in this chair thingie. Wonder what miss bossy-pants is doing? Oh, that girl!

Hannah and Dani on the see-saw. Don't know the other little girl, she just felt like joining in on the fun.

Kylie and Tyler on the kiddie equipment.

See what I mean? Tyler's a little unsure but Kylie's ALL ABOUT IT!

"Are you having fun Kylie? I sure am!"




Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Just wanted to draw your attention...

so my sidebar! Erica now has a CaringBridge site that I think you would enjoy! Please refer to my sidebar for instructions and don't forget to sign her site. I know she would love to hear from everyone. But, more importantly, I know you will be blessed by visiting!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Some pics of the kids!

Just wanted to share some pictures of the kids that I took today! It's become a tradition to take pictures of them in front of the flowers in the summer time! We have them all in 8 x10 frames above our bed. They are so cute. I will share the ones from last year too! It's always so fun to see how they've changed! We made them black and white last year but kept them color this year. I can't wait to see what Photoshop can do with pictures!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My first layout!

Oh, I am so excited. I finally finished my first digiscrap layout! I still don't know very much but at least I can start creating some stuff. It took forever, partly because my program's been acting up, partly because I still have so much to learn on the creative side, and mostly because I am a perfectionist. But, it's done!!!!

Now I am exhausted so I'll have to post more later!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Well, nothing new here really! I've been spending WAY too much time downloading scrapbooking stuff... I just can't resist anything free! But, it takes time to download so I've been trying to balance it all. Hopefully I'll actually put something together EVER!

We've had more swimming lessons this week. And more piano lessons, playtime, etc.... Today between events, I took some pictures outside. I went out to water my flowers and noticed that some of my lilies had bloomed! They are soooooooo pretty. I had forgotten what color they were. I just planted them last spring so this is only the second year they've bloomed! I have some others that still have to bloom and I can't wait to see them too!

So, I just thought I would share some of the pictures!

My pretty lilies!

Trailing Verbena

I really like verbena but especially this multi-colored one!

Little man!

He had a little too much fun eating mulch this morning!

Can't remember what this is but it sure is neat. The flowers look like little bells. It was so tiny last year and never even bloomed so I almost yanked it this year but decided to give it one more year. LOVE it!

Coreopsis. Love the colors of this one too!

How cute is he? He was having a fabulous time banging the watering can! What a hoot!

Aunt Karen, you are probably going nuts with the hose in the background of the pictures, huh? I didn't even notice until I had already downloaded the pics. Oh well, I'm no pro!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What a week!

Wow, it's been busy around here! We've had swimming lessons every morning, piano lessons, Art in the Park for Marlie, playtime for Dani, a tea party at the park, haircut appointments... you name it! It's been a fun week, though. HOT! Wow it's been hot here!

Anyway, let's see if I can bog things down with pictures and videos. I'm bettin' I can! This just might be the mother of all posts so far!

We'll start with swimming lessons. Marlie is doing well in Level 2. It's been 3 years since either of them have had any lessons so... not to mention that she is mini-me and sporty stuff just doesn't come naturally to her. I don't know if she'll pass or not but she sure is giving it her all! Hannah on the other hand is a little fish and is mastering it all! After the first day, we figured out that it is best if Tyler is in his stroller while we are at lessons or he is ALL OVER the place. Today was only his second day there but he managed to be content in it for over 45 minutes! What a boy. And, Dani did well too. She took her colors and a coloring book and had a ball. It was too cute to watch her wave and smile at her big sisters from the sidelines! What a doll!

Cutie patootie! Who LOVES swimming lessons by the way!

Marlie went to Art in the Park on Tuesday. She made the neatest scrapbook. Just as I get into the digiscrapping thing (which I've still done NOTHING with) she is LOVING the old school style. So, I think I'll keep all of the girls stocked with the basics and just let them have a ball!

Today there was a tea party for the little girls of the community. I signed up all three girls and it was a blast. The rec department did such a good job. First they decorated purses, then they tossed bean bags into fancy hats, then they broke open a butterfly pinata, and finally decorated cupcakes. It was so cute. Dani felt like such a big girl, you could just tell it. She is my sociable one. Marlie and Hannah didn't want to touch the pinata. I think Hannah would've if Marlie weren't there, but anyhoo. Dani had a great time!! She just thought everyone there needed to have her crown and pretty purple jewel shoes pointed out to them! What a girl! Oh, and did I mention that each girl got to dress herself for the tea party! What a hoot!

And then there's this picture for my mom. She wanted a picture of Tyler's teeth. She says it's because teeth make little ones look so different. So... OKAY! It turned out pretty cute though!

And this one is going to require some explanation... Can you see just below the bunny where it says "Gently Tug Ears to Open"? Well, Marlie had a little snack after dinner tonight. She was standing at the counter and says, "Wait, I need to check this out!". I think I was asking her to do something. Anyway, then she tucks the bunny part into the box to close it and then proceeds to TUG ON HER OWN EAR LOBES! How funny is that?! As soon as she did it, she realized what it meant. Oh, I was ROLLING! I am cracking up now! She just had a split-second brain you-know-what! And, she suggested I share this on my blog! I am so glad she can laugh at herself over this one!

Oh, I just LOVE my kids!

P.S. I TOLD you it was the mother of all posts! ha ha!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Busy yet uneventful...

Is that possible? I guess because there is nothing HUGE or really different to report, it seems we've done nothing. But, oh contrare mon frere!

This week we played with playdough, made things with molding clay then painted them, had kids over to play... Hannah painted a colorful canvas at Art in the Park. Marlie and Hannah enjoyed making some bug crafts for Summer Reading. Our town has the most awesome rec activities for kids for such a small town!

We found out this week that our friends and neighbors will be moving away from us if they can sell their house. They've put in an offer on a farm property contingent on selling their house behind us. While I am really excited for them, I am really bummed to just not be able to peek out my back door and say hello! They will only be 3 miles away! I know, I know, get over it, they're only 3 miles away! But, it is going to be an adjustment 'cause we just love 'em to pieces. We had them over on the 4th for a simple meal and we played Phase 10! That was fun, even if we did only get to play about 5 hands due to an ice cream break, bottle-feeding break and an eventual I-am-READY-to-go-home-and-go-to-bed-NOW meltdown. But, it was still fun!

On Thursday, I was in a minor fender bender. Well, minor for me! I had to stop sort of abruptly as the vehicle in front of the vehicle in front of me had stopped suddenly to turn left. We were in town too! Anyway, about 5 seconds after I had stopped completely, I hear a crunch and a bump and the small SUV behind me crammed right into me. Come to find out, the truck behind him thought traffic was still moving and slammed into him and sent him into me. The poor middle car got it from both ends. But, God is so amazing at protecting us. I was in Keven's big ole F250 rig truck because the Suburban was in the shop getting an oil change and few minor things looked at. And I only had Hannah and Marlie with me! Keven's truck was virtually unscathed! It's a rig truck so a small quarter-sized ding and a scratch in his bumper may even have already been there! God is good. We would've been fine in the Suburban too, but it would've been a bigger bummer just because that's our nice vehicle and the one we plan to hold onto for awhile!

So, other than that, I am trying to get going on this digiscrapping business but can't seem to get it all together. I am slowly but surely going to make my first page! I'll post it when I am done. I haven't even started yet! Oh well, such is life with four little ones!

The big girls start swim lessons tomorrow for two weeks. FUN! Not! But, it's good for them! Another busy week of piano lessons, Art in the Park, Summer Reading, playtime.... Whew! It's going to be school time before we know it! I can't even think about that without getting a pit in my stomach. I am confident we made the right decision to send the girls to school but I just can't imagine it yet! So, I'm not gonna! ;)

Until next time....