Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Fun in the Snow!

First of all.... BRRRRRRRR! It is so cold here! And, the gas went out to our house last night and the gas man was here at 3:00am! Another story for another day!

The girls got home from school today and were just itching to play in the snow for some reason! So, I bundled them all up, Tyler too, and out they went. They had a blast! It was so funny watching Tyler! He was like the kid in "A Christmas Story" (I think that's the right title of the movie!). HILARIOUS!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Big Daddy Weave and more artwork...

I just heard this song on my CD and had to share. I LOVE Big Daddy Weave, especially this song called "What Life Would be Like". I love the words. Here's the chorus:
He made the lame walk
And the dumb talk
He opened blinded eyes to see

That the sun rises on His time

Yet He knows our deepest desperate need

And the world waits
While His heart aches
To realize the dream
I wonder what life would be like
If we let Jesus live through you and me

I love the whole chorus but especially the italicized part. Anyone else rarely take the time to really THINK about the fact that the same God who put the stars in the sky, healed people while here in human flesh, and rose from the dead... that VERY SAME God is the one who woos us unto Himself for salvation? We don't seek Him out, He seeks us out! CRAZINESS! I am glad this still continues to blow my mind. I just wish I would meditate on the FACT of it more! Does that make sense to anyone but me? Anyhoo, sit back and enjoy the awesomeness of our King!

And, I couldn't get away with not sharing the latest artwork that Hannah came up with after school. Just out of the blue she traipses up the stairs and says "Look what I drawed Mama!" This girl will be a warrior for Christ if He tarries I have a feeling! Praise God for letting me raise such an moldable little soul and reaching her in spite of me!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My little prayer warrior!

I volunteer in Hannah's classroom every two weeks when Keven is home. So at the end of my visit today, Mrs. Anderson showed a short online video of our new president taking his oath of office. Once they were all back at their desks she did a wonderful teaching, as is most suitable and memorable for a class of 1st graders, on the present economy and just how it all works. She did a fantastic job. Anyway, right before I left she handed out coloring sheets of Barack Obama and a maze. Sometime later in the day she must've asked them to write down a prayer for President Obama and this is what was attached to her coloring page and maze. How much of it was suggested to her/them I don't know but I still found it very sweet! I told Hannah we will have to remember to pray this for him as a family too!

Hope you are commmitted to praying for our new president! I think it's one wonderful way to honor God and trust in His providence for us!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My new memory verse

You will notice a new Scripture for me to memorize on my sidebar. I chose a different one than Beth Moore is doing this time. I didn't exactly come up with it myself either. I looked at all of the other Scriptures that other ladies posted and saw this one. I know the middle of it... the slow to speak, slow to anger part but didn't have the last part committed to memory. And, at least I think, it's a vital part of the verse. So, off I go to put the verse on index cards and place them in strategic places around my house and vehicle. It worked last time! I got it memorized. Now, ask me next week if I've retained it after a week of another verse. That's another story entirely!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Chronicling Tyler's Owie

I just wanted to share the scrapbook layout that I did of Tyler's "misfortune". It was so fun! Notice that I scanned his hospital band and used it in layout? So fun! The scrapbooking... not the stitches!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Tadpoles, Tropical Fish and.... Triple Antibiotic?

Strange title for a blog post I know, but just stick with me here!

Thursday, we got Hannah's tadpoles for her frog-growing kit in the mail. I had them on the counter and the tank all ready for her to dump 'em in when she got home from school. She loves them. She named them Tom and Huck! How funny is that? Don't ask me which is which, but believe me, she knows!

So yesterday we all got a wild hair for another betta fish. It's been nearly 3 years since we've had one. So we all piled into the Suburban and headed to Petsmart. The girls picked him out. They paid for the fish and his food out of their own allowance! I bought a cool new bamboo plant too! His name is Azul!

Oh, but the excitement of the day was far from over! Keven and I were so excited to go on a date! It's been about three months since we've done anything together just the two of us. He got home early and hung out with us for awhile. We had a sitter set up to come at 6:00, dinner reservations to a place we've been trying to go to for almost a year now, and the world was our ocean after that! Then 5:00pm hit... LITERALLY! I was on the phone with my cousin Tracy and heard a big BOOM! I knew instantly that sound of a kid's head hitting something quite solid! Then I heard Hannah: "Mommy, oh Mommy! Tyler's gushing blood EVERYWHERE! Oh no!". I quickly hung up the phone... then Keven rushed to the rescue. Thank you Lord that he was home! I just asked if he needed me and if not I would be in another room ready to help when needed. I don't know about you mommies, but I would rather just stay out of it when it's one of my kids! It hurts me too much. Now, if Keven hadn't been home, mommy-mode would've given way to necessity. He said: "He's gonna need stitches." So, I gathered the girls while he doctored Tyler for the trip and off we went to the ER! He was such a trooper! Never cried again after it happened until they started messin' with him! The little stink had to have 5 stitches! Good thing girls dig scars!

We ended up going out to eat as a family and being total giggle boxes! Seems God had better plans for us last night!

Here he is right after we got home from the ER and dinner! How cute is he?

And this morning! You'd never even know he had an owie!

Now you know why I titled the blog the way I did!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Gettin' a kick out of herself!

For those of you who don't have the pleasure (tee hee) of being with us in person, you must be warned that we are a super silly family! Almost on the verge of ridiculous sometimes! Anyway, Dani and I always read a book together and snuggle at naptime. Sometimes we pretend to be sleeping and SNORE! Here's the kicker... the child has a really difficult time getting her snorts out. It's the funniest thing and we always end up cracking up over the deal. So, the other night for some reason she was trying to snort and really cracking herself up. I was able to catch the end of it on video but the best was before hand. She was a giggle box. What a silly goose!

And... some of you have shared in our struggles with this sweet third child of ours. I am happy to report that she is really starting to come around. We still have our issues but as far as I can tell, based on my parenting experiences, we are now to the point of just your typical 4-year-old troubles. We can see her processing her actions in her head before she reacts. She is really a joy! PRAISE GOD!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

As promised!

I promised to provide a link to our pastor's prophesy update from Wednesday night. Here is the link and if you have about an hour of quiet time to listen, please do so! It was very interesting and eye opening!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Going to the movies... Moseley style!

Yesterday, Keven and I thought it would be a fun family thing if we ALL (yes, I said all!) went to a movie after naps. So, while I was out running errands yesterday morning, I drove by the theaters to see what was playing. Do you know there were NO kid movies showing? Crazy, huh?

So, Keven came up with the master plan and I helped execute. When everyone was up, Keven told them to get their shoes on... they were going to go watch a movie. So he and the kids loaded up in the Suburban and headed out. Meanwhile, I stayed home to set up our theater experience (they thought I needed to catch up on laundry). I set up the kitchen counter like the candy/drink station. I was their refreshment order gal! Their choices were Reeses Pieces, Twizzler Bites, fun Christmas suckers, butter popcorn (thanks Aunt Laurie), kettle corn (thanks Boy Scouts), and brown bag special (thanks Uncle Neal). All of these were given to the kids as part of Christmas gifts. They each got a choice of popcorn and candy. Then for their refreshments they could choose between water (EXCITING!), mandarin-lime pop or green juice (doesn't sound good, but is healthy AND yummy!). I even had on a nametag and wrote down their orders on my order pad! And, yes, they had to pay me for their goodies! Keven made them all paper money for their drinks, popcorn, and candy.

After they placed their orders they went to the ticket guy to give them their tickets and proceed downstairs to watch the movie. Guess who was the ticket guy - complete with nametag too I might add? There was also a sign that said "Now Showing: Kung Fu Panda". So when they got downstairs, I had set up their comfy chairs all in a row like movie theater seats and the screen was lit up with the Kung Fu Panda image. They settled in while their goody lady popped popcorn, got candy together and poured drinks. It was so fun (and inexpensive - just the price of a pay-per-view movie and a six-pack of pop)! The only thing missing was my camera! Oh well, this is one memory I won't be able to scrap! tee hee!

Writing God's Word on our hearts...

I don't know about you but I am ashamed of the few Scriptures that I actually have written on my heart! I have been a Christian for almost 12 years now (HOLY COW!) and there are very few Scriptures that I have memorized word for word WITH the address! I have terrible retention anyway. I can forget what I've read ten minutes afterward! It's terrible. Anyway... I do know a lot of Scripture, sorta. But, I don't know EXACTLY where it is or in context or whatever! And, I guess because if my retention disability, I have a hard time pulling appropriate Scripture to mind when someone needs it. Or, worse, I can't seem to come up with it when I really need it! I CAN tell you where on the page of my Bible it is though. I'm thinking I have a photographic memory. That's one reason I still have the original Bible that when I graduated form college... and the MANY notes that are in it.

Why am I telling you this? Mostly for accountability. But also because Beth Moore is having a Scripture memorization challenge this year. Check out her blog (you will find the link on my sidebar) to find out more. Very fun idea. I will just ride her coattails when choosing which Scriptures to memorize unless I feel the Lord leading me to do another one. I will be putting them on my kitchen window (I spend most of my time there, do you?), maybe one in my laundry room, and one in my Suburban.

Anyhoo, check it out! And don't forget to ask me how my memorization is going. If you think about it, will you pray with me to have His Words written in "permanent marker" on my heart? No more retention troubles!?

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to my friends and family!

Keven and I got wild and crazy to bring in the new year... we cuddled on the couch and watched a bluegrass festival on public access t.v. then laughed out hineys off at VH1 Classic's 2009 of 2009... they were playing OLD and CHEESY 80's music videos! So fun! We did that until we couldn't possibly keep our eyes open anymore and were in bed by 11:45. I know! We couldn't even make it the extra 15 minutes! Like I said, we are a couple of CRAZY kids!

Anyway... last night our pastor did a prophecy update! So interesting. I'll post the link to it as soon as it's available on the website. But, if you are like me, when you hear anyone speaking "prophecy" your shield goes up. But, HE is not prophesying... he just updated us on what is going on around us and how that ties into end-time prophesy! So, no fear, he's not some crazy loon predicted the end! He does, however, offer some very interesting insight into the times in which we are living! Very exciting!

I have more to say but am too tired to put it all out there! I'll be back!