Thursday, June 4, 2009

My two fave boys in the WORLD!

What a great day today has been! Daddy came home for his days off, everyone actually listened (or at least didn't interrupt) during the morning devotion, chores were done in a timely and non-combatant manner, we went to "town" and got Marlie a new bike and helmet and ball gloves for all of us (well all the girls including me)! We all had a quiet time, the girls made a craft that goes with our Bible study that we are doing together while I made some VBS crafts for next week, we tossed the softball in the backyard, the two oldest girls made tacos for supper (they have started making one meal a week with my help - planning, shopping... the whole nine yards), then we went for a walk to the subdivision's park (brrrr... it was CHILLY), and laid on the driveway before heading in to get ready for bed. So far, everyone is in THEIR OWN bed sleeping soundly (except Keven and I of course)! Ahhhhh....

But maybe a highlight of the day was Tyler and Daddy giving "eskimo" and "butterfly" kisses at bedtime. And, Tyler seems to have made up a "bee" kiss which we aren't sure what it is as of yet! Keven is such a wonderful, affectionate daddy! I couldn't ask for more!

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