Saturday, May 30, 2009

What a slacker!

I am simply amazed at how busy it's been around here! I know I promised to keep up on my blog better but obviously that's not happened! Oh well, all I can say is I'll try!

The girls are glad to be out of school. Their last few days were so fun... for all of us! The day before school let out, Hannah's class had a special lunch and fun time on the school grounds. Me, Dani and Tyler had to go enjoy the fun and have lunch with Hannah. Then we played with bubbles and sidewalk chalk. It has been so adorable... Marlie's teacher's son is in Hannah's class. From the beginning of the year he took a liking to Tyler whenever I would bring him into class with me. His name is Logan and he really is such a sweet little boy. He always gives Tyler big hugs, sets him up with I Spy books to check out, etc... Well, this day was no exception. As soon as lunch was over, Logan rushed over to Tyler and whisked him away to play with the sidewalk chalk! FUN! Meanwhile, Hannah got her hands sticky in the bubbles! Did you know you could make bubbles with your hands? Where has this mama been?

That same day, Marlie's class went to a local park for 3rd grade olympics. What a hoot! And, WOW! It was a HOT day! They played three-legged soccer, frizbee golf, had a watermelon seed spitting contest, etc... what a fun day. At the end of the day they all signed each other's t-shirts as a keepsake. Marlie has hers on her bedroom wall. So cute! I didn't get to stay for many of the events as Dani was misbehaving which forced me to leave and deal with her. But that's another story altogether!

I was so sad that I forgot to take my camera when I picked the kiddos up from school on the last day. Can you believe I have NO pictures of Hannah with sweet Mrs. Anderson?! I might have to fake it and get one on the first day in the fall! And, so sad... Marlie's friend Hannah won't be returning in the fall! She had everyone in tears as she headed to her ride home just weeping! Poor thing! Then, at the beginning of this week I found a note in Marlie's things she brought home from school. It was from Hannah asking Marlie if they could be friends "no matter what"? How sweet is that!?

Here is a slideshow of field day at school!

I've been trying to come up with ideas to keep the summer going somewhat smoothly. I devised a chore chart that gets the entire house cleaned every two weeks, with some things getting done once a week. This was our first week using it and it's worked beautifully so far. The kids are LOVING it. I even got notes on my dry-erase board on the fridge telling me how much they love me after the first day! Wonder how long that will last? ;) And, we've started a fun Bible study called "Just Mom and Me Having Tea". My mom purchased the book for me when Marlie was a very little girl. I have since gotten one for Hannah and Dani too and have been waiting for years to do it while they all could "get it"! It's been great so far. We get together everyday after Tyler goes down for a nap and do a little something out of the workbook. One day a week we do a fun activity/craft and every two weeks there is a formal tea party with a theme. This week's activity was to decorate a "Me Box" and fill it with things that make you special. I set up a table outside and just let them go at it with the paints! They had a great time. Then after lunch I told them to go gather things for their boxes (Dani got some help from her sisters) but to keep it as secret as they could so it would be a surprise when we shared. So, after supper they shared their boxes. Fun stuff!

Here is a slideshow of the decorating fun and some of the things each girl had in their boxes. Oh, and even though this is a mother/daughter study, we couldn't leave Tyler out of the painting fun!

And finally a video of Tyler! I wish I could think of the proper way to set this up! Okay... Tyler and Daddy were playing a game. Tyler would run and Daddy would wipe him out with his blanket! Tyler would crash to the ground and laugh his little head off! LOVE it! Oh, and YES! That is Dani in the background insisting that someone wash her, she was in the tub. To her defense, she was getting ignored for the sake of play and recording said play! Poor kid!

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