Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter 2009

What a fun Easter weekend we had! On Saturday we went to Sterling for an egg hunt and brunch at my aunt and uncle's house. The kids were so patient to wait until after brunch but once they were lined up at the door to run out... they could hardly stand it! Off they went!

Then we went to Keven's parents' house for an early dinner and a couple of card games. That is one of my absolute fave things to do... just hang out with the in-laws and play some good card games, even if Keven's dad does bray when he wins! ;) You know what I'm talking about Carl!

Sunday was up and at 'em for church. I had Easter bags waiting for each of the kids at their spot at the table. I decided on bags this year as we have several baskets (which I forgot for the hunt by the way) and they are just accumulating like crazy! And, I got bags that can be used for things other than Easter... that's what ya call usin' yer noggin! So, if you get a gift from me in one of these bags... sorry but it's a hand-me-down!

Off to church we went. This is the first Easter we've been able to attend our home church for Easter and we've been there almost three years. The first year I was HUGE and pregnant with Tyler and would've had to go to a FAMILY service BY MYSELF (Keven was working). Me, in a church service, huge and pregnant with three little ones... would not have been a pretty picture. And, last year Keven was working again and Tyler was sick so that meant we all had to stay home. It was an awesome time of worship! Our pastor teaches chapter by chapter, verse by verse and "just happened" to be ready to preach on Matthew 28. Pretty awesome!

I had put a ham in the oven before we went to church and when we got home I whipped up some sides and we ate here at home as a family. Was nice. Afterwards, we made Resurrection Rolls. That was fun! The kids had a good time and seemed to understand the symbolism behind it. I forgot to get pictures of the end products. Oh well!

Then Keven, Marlie, Hannah and myself watched "The Passion". I so hate and love that movie at the same time. It was hard to watch again and I was a little worried about the kids watching the violence of Jesus' beating, etc... what we forgot about were the images of Satan! Oh my goodness... can I just say that I feel like the worst parent EVER!?!???? Poor Hannah was up until midnight with those images in her head! She came to bed and held my hand and just cried wishing the night would end. She finally ended up going to bed with her strong daddy in the spare bed. I felt to terrible... still do! We'll see what tonight brings. Was a perfect opportunity to teach her that what we watch really does stick even if it's unintentional. Poor thing... too bad it was put there by her parents. Golly! Live and learn I suppose!

Here is a slideshow of the weekend's events!

Oh, and I almost forgot... here are a couple of pics of the kids with Megan... she is a sweet girl from church (and the girls' school) that they just adore! Tyler does too, he just doesn't quite know it yet!

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